Garage Terrazzo Concrete Cement Floor Sealer

Garage Terrazzo Concrete Cement Floor Sealer


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Xingyi Factory had developed for 19 years,Awarded 123 patents for inventions.Helping our clients finished many kinds of floor  maintance grinding  polishing projects.

Garage Terrazzo Concrete Cement Floor Sealer



HTG-EC-S03 is a light gray liquid. EC-S03 is a concrete seal glaze and anti-seepage material developed for concrete. It can form a glazed protective layer on polished concrete surface. Improve the density of concrete surface, reduce the permeability of concrete surface, increase the gloss and wear resistance of concrete surface, improve the texture of concrete surface.


Product features:

Can be formed in a variety of polished concrete surface to form a glazed layer, glazing fast, improve the surface gloss of concrete large, glaze layer wear resistance is good.

The scope of application:

Pulp concrete, powder wear-resistant concrete, liquid seal curing agent concrete, dyeing concrete, steel and other polished surface.


Room temperature, dark preservation, shelf life of 1 year.

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