Concrete Bonding Adhesive Agent For Floor Crack Repair

Name:Repair Adhensive

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Product Details

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Xingyi Factory had developed for 19 years,Awarded 123 patents for inventions.Helping our clients finished many kinds of floor  maintance grinding  polishing projects.

Product Description


EC-1008 concrete repair agent is the milky white liquid, mainly made by the butyl acrylate, styrene and special monomer copolymer water dispersion composition.

Product features:

  1, With excellent cement compatibility.

  2, Water resistance, good alkali resistance.

  3, Very few added amount.

  4, Can open a long time, quick-drying, high adhesion, low water absorption

The scope of application:

Can be used for any cement system of steel waterproof and cement system reinforcement. Mainly used for long-term water-resistant waterproof coating, high-grade ceramic tile wall, road and bridge waterproof.

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The construction features:

Simple and fast.

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