Concrete Penetrating Sealer Floor Densifier

Concrete Penetrating Sealer Floor Densifier


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Product Details

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Xingyi Factory had developed for 19 years,Awarded 123 patents for inventions.Helping our clients finished many kinds of floor  maintance grinding  polishing projects.

Product Description


EC-S01 concrete glazed agent is reflected in the milky white liquid, which is mainly composed of acrylic polymer and a small amount of polyethylene and butyl carbitol additives from the compound, is a concrete characteristics for the development of concrete seal glaze polishing Infiltration material. EC-S01 can form a glazed protective layer on the polished concrete surface, increase the density of the concrete surface, reduce the permeability of the concrete surface and increase the gloss and wear resistance of the concrete surface, and improve the texture of the concrete surface.


Product features

Can be formed in a variety of polished concrete surface to form a glazed layer, glazing fast, improve the surface gloss of concrete large, glaze layer wear resistance is good.


Customer Demo

Pulp concrete, powder wear-resistant concrete, liquid seal curing agent concrete, dyeing concrete, steel and other polished surface.



Q: Are u the manufacturer ?
A: Yes of course, we are the manufacturer ! we welcome clients to visit our factory to inspect our 
produce process at any time.Our factory is located in Jinjiang, China ( Xiamen airport, Xingyi pick up )

Q: How long your product's warranty ?
A: One year warranty .

Q: What is your MOQ ?
A: 1 set

Q: What is your packaging ?
A: We package in Plywood case.

Q: What is your payment method ?
A: 100%^Or 50% T/T advance, the balance should be pay off before shipment. 

Q: Do your machine can be custom-made ?
A: Yes, we can design and produce according to client’s requirements.

Q: What is your delivery time ?
A: 7~20 days ( according to the total quantity)


1, Before use to keep the concrete ground dry, concrete floor for cleaning or just grinding with water, need to dry 24-48 hours.

2, In the sealing glaze treatment, we must pay attention to the equipment will be installed EC-S03 placed, to prevent the spill to the concrete floor. Such as accidentally EC-S03 will be spilled on the concrete floor, should be wiped with a towel in a timely manner.

3, The product after polishing 12-24 hours can not meet the water, or will affect the product effect.

4, The product and construction equipment do not mix with other solvents to prevent product quality decline.

5, Do not use for metal, wood, plastic and other surfaces.

6, In the construction, if inadvertently, the solution splashed into the eyes, should immediately rinse with water, and timely to the hospital.

Company Information

1.We are the one of the biggest system integrates which providing Full-floor polishing products and service in China.

2.Not only we are a factory,but also have our own engineering company.

 Any questions about the machines or projects,we can give you a free  technical guidence.

3.We have a 34 foreign offices across the global so that we can provide an extremely  details and customer support.

4.Our annual international floor treatment seminar is more and more popular among famous connoisseurs.


Jane Ling - international sales Dept
Whatsapp&wechat: +86 15960788816


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