DELTA Inverter High Glossy High Speed Polisher Machine

DELTA Inverter High Glossy High Speed Polisher Machine

Working width:640mm

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DELTA InverterHigh Glossy High Speed Polisher Machine

Cleaning the disc conversion block 640-3Dgrinder machine

The XINGYI 640-3D is used to handle all types of flooring. Used for grinding (rough grinding, sanding, polishing) concrete, natural stone and terrazzo floors or materials specified in this manual or materials recommended by Xingyi. The machine is made up of some major components (see page 5 for details). The handles can be set to many different tilt positions depending on your needs. The dust-proof belt covers the working environment grinding head area. Because it is floating, it is always in contact with the floor, which not only ensures that the operator does not touch the rotating mechanical parts, but also reduces the dust exposure, and improves the dust absorption of the vacuum cleaner. effectiveness.
 When dry grinding, make sure that a vacuum cleaner is connected to the grinder (preferably with a vacuum cleaner matched to the Xingyi) for better results. To prevent powder dust is exposed to the air, posing a threat to the health of operators, operators and nearby people. Because the inhalation of dust is harmful, it is in the process of operation.
In the case of a vacuum cleaner, a protective mask should be worn to protect your health. The machine can use different grinding blades of the Xingyi, and the grinding disc used in different grinding according to the ground material is different. The machine can not only dry grinding but also In the case of water grinding, when the water is milled, the water switch can be sprinkled to cool the abrasive disc and cool the abrasive to make the grinding more effective. Can prevent Yang dust, to protect the personal safety of users.

Cleaning the disc conversion block.jpgLED light switch device

When the LED light switch is turned ON, the LED light is turned on, otherwise it is turned off. The bottom of the LED lamp is magnetic, so it can be placed at random, which is convenient for the user to operate the machine without different illumination directions. In this case, the LED lamp can be placed in the desired position for illumination.

2.jpgUSB interface

There is a black device next to the control panel, and the black cover is turned up. We can see the USB interface, which is convenient for the user to charge on the machine. Note: When not charging, be sure to cover the black cover. Do not expose the USB to the outside to prevent dust from running in, blocking or damaging the USB interface.



The adjustment pins on the handle can be adjusted to different positions by positioning different round holes to meet different needs of users. Hold the handrail in one hand and pull the adjusting pin out in one hand. When rotating to the proper position, release the adjusting pin.

1. When the handle adjustment pin is pulled out, sometimes it will be caught. At this time, it is necessary to pull the handle while shaking the handle.
2. When the handle adjustment pin is automatically reset, there is a possibility that the hole is not right, just rotate up and down.
3. When adjusting the position of the handle, be sure to check whether the handle adjustment pin has been automatically reset before operating the machine.


Cleaning switch
Grinders work on the construction site for a long time.It is inevitable that dust will run into the switch.Go, so after each operation of the grinder,Check if there is dust in the switch part.Blockage, causing the switch to malfunction.
Cleaning the disc cover
Remove the suction pipe interface, flashlight Illuminate the suction nozzle and clean it with a brush
Dust from the nozzle. Make it not clog In the suction nozzle, it affects the efficiency of vacuuming.
Cleaning the disc conversion block
Lift the machine up and take the grinding disc,Use a shovel to shovel the dust off the disc.


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