Spontaneous Leveling Corner Concrete Grinder Machine

Spontaneous Leveling Corner Concrete Grinder Machine


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Spontaneous Leveling Corner Concrete Grinder Machine

250VS is used to handle various types of flooring.Used for grinding (rough grinding,fine grinding,polishing) concrete,natural stone and terrazzo floos or materials apecified in this manual or recommended by XINGYI.

The machine is made up of some of the main components.The handle can be set according to your needs to many different tilt positions.The dust skirt covers the working area of the grinding head area,because it is floating, so all the time it can contact with floor, not only to ensure that the operator does not touch the rotating mechananical patrs,but also to reduce the dust exposure,and improve the dust absorption of vacuum cleaner. 

When dry grinding,make sure that a vacuum cleaner is connected to the grinding.To prevent dust from being exposed to the air,posting a threat to the health of the operator and nearby people.Due to inhalation of dust is harmful in the course of operator,even with a vacuum cleaner should also bring a good protective mask to protect their own health.

The machine can use different XINGYI diamond tools.according to the ground material,we use different kinds of diamond tools.

The machine can not only dry grinding can also water grinding, when in the water grinding, after

rotate the water switch, it can sprinkle the water on the disc, cooling abrasive, so that grinding more

effective. But also to prevent dust, protect the user's personal safety.

power3kw 4hp
rotating speed350-1250rpm
voltage 220v single three phase
weight70kg 154lbs
working width250mm 
inverter3.7kw 5hp     4kw 5hp

Spontaneous Leveling Corner Concrete Grinder Machine 250VS edge polishing.jpg

Spontaneous Leveling Corner Concrete Grinder Machine


Q: Are u the manufacturer ?

A: Yes of course, we are the manufacturer ! Yesterday Russia clients to visit our factory and on-site cash transaction. 

Q: What is your payment method ?

A: Both of 100%^Or 50% T/T advance.

Q: Do your machine can be OEM?

A: Yes, we can design and produce according to client’s requirements.

Q: What is your delivery time ?


Stocking time: 3-7 days

Delivery period: almost one month at sea

( according to the total quantity.Anything can call Lane Ling:0086-15960771958(whatsapp/wechat)

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