Strong Power 550mm Polishing Machine

Strong Power 550mm Polishing Machine

Working width:550mm

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strong power 550mm polishing machine
strong power 550mm polishing machine 550-3DP concrete grinder

Xingyi Polishing Machine Co.,Ltd is proud to be one of integrators that providing full-floor polishing products and service in China.We have Global Series and High Tech Grinding Series Polishing Machines which varies from one head to four heads can be able to meet different construction requirements. The gear-driven machines are user-friendly and productive, and they are able to grind efficiently and give out a a fine polish on the surface. And our machines can work in planetary or rotatory direction. Moreover, We do provide various horsepower options such as 20HP, 15HP, 10HP, 7.5HP and more.We also offer our The High Tech Grinding Tools including metal pads and resin pads with fantastic value and a good price. As for chemicals, we have our High Tech Grinding Chemicals for repairing, hardening, sealing and stone crystallization.

1) The composition can be disassembled, easy to transport on the road, installed and later maintained.
2) The machine uses world-renowned brand components, including motors, switches and operating parts.
3) Foldable handle, ergonomically designed to create a relaxed and comfortable job.
4) The machine quality is guaranteed, the delivery speed is fast, there is overseas after-sales service, rest assured to buy after-sales worry-free
5) Use a connector to connect the vacuum cleaner and use it together to create a dust-free environment.

Versatile disc
Name: disc
Original: fujian,china
Grinding discs can be equipped with a variety of grinding discs, resin grinding discs, metal grinding discs, bowl grinding, etc. Instant Change System magnetic metal plates with removable Velcro attachments.

Original: fujian,china
Can work in a dimly lit environment, the working environment is not affected.

Function key
Name: Function key
Original: fujian,china
Easy to operate, easy to transport,Automatic lever adjust system ensure good smoothness and stable operation.

Drive System
Name: Drive System
Original: fujian,china
Motor and inverter Drive System are approved CE,qualtiy assured.

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