Surface Angle Polishing Machine For Concrete

Surface Angle Polishing Machine For Concrete

power:3kw/4hp rotating speed:350-1250rpm weight:70kg/154lbs voltage amperage:220v/380v working width:250mm inverter:4kw/5hp

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Product Details

  Surface Angle Polishing Machine for Concrete 

   Product Advantage: 

  •   professional angle grinder machine HTG-250:

  •   1.grinding against the corner when machine is running.
      2.adjust the machine shaft angle back to normal position after construction completed.
      3.remove the pads and clean up the machine.

  Product Picture:  

  •  product parameter:   

  •  model:HTG-250   

  •  power:2.2kw   

  •  rotating speed:350-1250rpm   

  •  weight:70kg   

  •  voltage amperage:220v 380v   

  •  Product Video: 

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