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Polished concrete by remote control grinder HTG-800-4E


Industrial vacuum cleaner 55L

Newest multi-purpose concrete floor polisher 700HP.

1.Heavy-duty design, weight 216KG, heavier weight better shininess.

2.Super soft damping design, no belt broken, specially good for the uneven surface polish.

3.Specially tailored permanent magnet motor whose overloading capacity is 1.5 times higher than the common motor.

4.Super waterproof and dustproof performance with IP55 safety configuration, high safety insurance.

5.Electrical enerty consumption is 70% of the common motor

Hot items for Concrete Buffing Machine for sale.

1.polishing machine is Lightweight and flexible.It is suit for small marble,granite and concrete.

2.Two trigonal counter polishing heads suit for various pads.

3.Variable speed control can meet different construction process requirements.

Intelligent changes life and the world

The Process of Xingyi Tank Stone System.

1.Level the surface with grinding machine.

2.Vaccum clean the surface to check the surface condition.


4.Installing divider strips.

5.Paving  tank stone mixture.

6.Grinding repairing and polishing with HTG-088-4B.

7.Crystallizatin with HTG-MS-02 A and HTG-MS-02B.

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