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how many heads does a great grinder polisher need?
- Dec 26, 2018 -

Xingyi produce Whole System Products for floor polishing. Today we will share with you how to choose a machine suit for you.
1. Single head grinders HTG-250 and HTG-480 are best for tight work spaces. Due to its nature, the polishing is not desirable because of the difficulty in achieving a uniform scratch pattern. People mostly buy it for Epoxy, Glue removing for general purpose. Great for clients is the HTG-250 is able for edging work as well.
2. Double head grinders cover double area than single head grinders and deal with the area in quicker time. However similar to the single head grinders, they are great for grinding and surface preparation more but still able to polish.
3. Planetary floor grinders are ideal for grinding and polishing because of the uniform scratch pattern from the plates. As the weight is only spread across 3 heads than other more heads machines, the 3 heads grinders have a higher down pressure to the surface and be more aggressive. However due to the nature of its constant pull in one direction, it will be a little tired to work whole day continuously. Xingyi recommend XY-Q9A, HTG-800-3 for industrial demand.
4. The 4 heads planetary grinder can meet the needs of most contractors in grinding & polishing with large project sizes or tight deadline.  By 4 plates covering more area in planetary direction, the machine is more effective and productive than machines less than 4 heads.  The 4 heads grinders is better for polishing as their uniform scratch pattern. As two of the four heads (opposite each other) run in one direction while the other two go the opposite direction, the fatigue operator feel will be greatly reduce as the pull of the machine is well controlled and balanced. Xingyi HTG-800-4, HTG-800-4E and HTG-800-4A are highly recommended.

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