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Stone protection maintenance chemical(三)
- Dec 11, 2018 -


Stone Daily Maintenance ( oily) XY-001
Add on the mop or washcloth to clean up the dust and dirt, excellent effect of deodorization, make the floor become clean and tidy.

Marble Rust Remover XY-002
Clean away rust stain,tea stain,ink stain and meatal oxide on the marble without damaging the surface.

Granite Rust Remover XY-003
Remove the iron stain and rust stain.

Stone stain remover SC-006
Remove stain, oil stain, pen stain,etc.

American Bethel White XY-007
Especially apply to clean American Bethel white, has the effect of prevent yellowing in a long time.

Granite Yellow Remover XY-008
Especially for cleaning yellow on the granite and preventing the stone stain for a long time.

Granite Yellow & Rust Remover SC-009
Apply to any light surface of marble, cleaning the yellow spot and rust specially without any damage to the stone.



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