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Chinese Brand Day, Asia Pacific Floor Show Brings A Gift To Xingyi.
- May 11, 2018 -

Chinese Brand Day, Asia Pacific Floor Show Brings a Gift to Xingyi.

On May 10th, China Brand Day,The 8th Asia Pacific Floor Show Was Holding Successfully, Fujian Xingyi Company had won the Top 20 Best Floor Machinery Brand.


Well we are pay more attention to the Brand, brands mean more high-quality products and good services,advanced technologies and concepts, brands are not only corporate images, but also the key to the survival and development of enterprises. Therefore, Brand is particularly important. Manufacturing is transformed into creation, change speed to quality, and making product to brand.The 20th Asia-Pacific Landmark Brand Conference is a recognition for the Xingyi Company and showing company strength.

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Vision:Build a century Xignyi,realize the creditable enterprise.


Mission:Enable the global floor labors to work with health,relaxation and happiness.


Xingyis Values


Customer first,perfection oriented.


Solidify in teamwork,advance with tendency.


Graetfullness and responsibility,respect the competition.


Xingyi's business philosophy:

Win-win situation, integrity is the wing!

Xingyi's corporate belief:

Continuously innovating technology to obtain a consistent and stable product!

Xingyi’s entrepreneurial spirit:

Perseverance, excellence;

Beyond the self, the pursuit of excellence;

Cultivate first-rate and strive for new heights!

The ultimate goal of Xingyi:

Become a respected company!

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