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Classification Of Polishing Machines
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Polishing machine is also known as grinding machine, often used as mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. Its working principle is: the electric machine drives the sponge or the wool polishing machine which installs on the polisher to rotate at high speed, because throws the CD-ROM and polishes the agent to act together and with to throw the surface to carry on the friction, then may achieve eliminates the paint surface pollution, the oxidation layer, the superficial mark goal The speed of the CD-ROM is generally 1500-3000 min, most of the stepless speed change, the construction can be adjusted at any time according to need.

(1) According to the power source has two kinds of pneumatic and electric. Pneumatic type is relatively safe, but need gas source, electric type easy to solve power problem, but must pay attention to electricity safety.

(2) According to the function of the dual-function industrial grinding/polishing machine and simple polishing machine two kinds. Dual-function industrial grinding abrasive polishing machine with grinding of metal materials, and can be put on the CD-ROM to do paint protection. This machine is heavier, for $number kg, but the work is very smooth, not easy to damage. This type of machine speed can be adjusted, suitable for professional beauty care personnel to use. Simple polishing machine is actually drilling rig, small size, speed is not adjustable, the use of difficult to master the balance; professional beauty care staff generally do not use such models.

(3) According to the rotational speed classification has the high speed polishing machine, the medium speed polishing machine and the low-speed polishing machine three kinds. High speed polishing machine rotate speed is 1750-3000 r/man, rotate speed is adjustable, the speed of medium speed polishing machine is 1 200-1 $number r/rain, rotate speed is adjustable, low-speed polishing machine speed is 1 200r/min, rotate speed is not adjustable.

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