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Demonstration Of Hardener(二)
- Dec 15, 2018 -

Two-component Densifier HTG-EC-A01/HTG-EC-B01

一, Product attributes:

Two-component Densifier HTG-EC-A01.jpg


Two-component Densifier HTG-EC-B01.jpg


EC-A01 agent is colorless to slightly yellow translucent liquid, the main component is active silicate, complex organic surfactants, waterproof modifier and penetration enhancer.

EC-B01 agent is the colorless transparent liquid, by the active fluorine silicon compounds and curing accelerator, help stabilizer prepared.

二,Product features:
Two-component Densifier HTG-EC-A01/HTG-EC-B01

Non-toxic, tasteless, non-combustible, in line with VOC environmental requirements. It is a high quality concrete seal curing agent, made by a unique formula. Its specialty chemically active material can penetrate the concrete surface, react with the free calcium oxide and other substances to produce calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H), greatly improving the strength and hardness of concrete. These stable calcium silicate compounds filled with pores in the concrete, greatly increasing the ability of concrete to resist chemical corrosion, to achieve the role of sealing and dust.
三,The scope of application:
Used for rotten ground, dusting and sanding ground.
四, The construction features:

Two-component Densifier HTG-EC-A01/HTG-EC-B01

1) The new ground: after finish more than 7-14 days water maintenance, then can do floor hardening for construction floor.
2) Old ground: any time can be, but need to clean or dry the surface after the machine used to polish.

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