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Do You Know What Tools Do Marble Polishing
- Sep 27, 2018 -

Step 1:Finished goods protection

Step 2:Dry polishing with resin pads HTG-XMD 50# to open pores.

Step 3:Spraying stone sealer XY-603

     Prevent alkali efforescence(50sqm/5L)

Step 4:Cutting & Repairing joints

1. Hold the cutting machine stable as the cutting route may tilt.Cut in Straight line and move forward.

2. Use dustless cutting machine to prevent the dust blocking your sight.

3. Cutting in 3-5mm.

4. Use knife to dig out the dirt inside the joints or with vacuum.

5. Repair the joints with marble glue,pay attention to choose the correct similar surface color.

6. Mix marble glue and hardener evenli with trowel(glue:hardener ratio=2:1).

Step 5:Wet polishing with resin pads HTG-JA 50# 150#

Step 6:Spraying stone hardner MC07

1. keep the surface wet for 20 minutes.Wait 12 hours to next process.

Step 7:Wet polishing HTG-JA 300#(Wet polishing HTG-JN 500#)

Step 8:Spraying stone sealer XY-603

Step 9:Wet polishing HTG-JN 1000#-3000#

Step 10:Crystallization with XY-105

1. Dry the surface with vacuum before crystallization.

2. Mix XY-105 crystallization power with water by ratio 1:2 or 1:3

3. Pour the mixed compound on the surface and polish with XY-175AE and 3M red pad and qucikly spread evenly on the stone surface.

4. Dry the surface finally with polisher XY-175AE and 3M white polishing pad. 


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