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Singapore Seminar Successfully Concluded
- Jul 21, 2018 -

Singapore seminar successfully concluded


From July 16th to 19th, Xingyi Machinery held a three-day seminar in Singapore, inviting friends interested in grinding machines to practice on the spot, discover problems from practical actions, solve problems, and implement the research work. In the actual life practice, not only stayed in the verbal, photos returned from the scene, or found that this seminar was very successful, the site was full of friends, this seminar allows customers to better understand the grinding process and the machine More intuitive mastery.

The following photos are pictures before and after construction. The contrast is strong. It can be seen that the effect after using our machine construction is obvious. For photos, I believe many people will question them. So there are certain reasons for seeing the truth. The seminar can be eliminated. These concerns, at the seminar site, can be seen and personally tested by the grinding machine produced by Xingyi, double proof that our machine quality can be guaranteed.


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