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The 11th Seminar In XIngyi Polishing Company
- Jan 27, 2018 -


Address:Xing Yi Polishing Company Ltd

Please join us and share our floor polishing training.


On March 10th, 2018,Xingyi will hold a seminar about concrete shinning-flat floors--rough grinding with metal pads 30# 60# 120#,then we will do some repairing the holes

Afterwards, showing repair big holes and the joints we cut before

We do fine floor polish with resin pads 50# 100#, floor hardening with lithium densifier for 24 hours


On March 11th,2018

1.Showing concrete dying system

2.Shinning-flat floors fine polish with resin pads 200# 400# 800#

3.Spraying Floor Sealer/Anti-fouling Agent on the floor

4.Priming and Installing divider strips

5.Paving tank stone mixture,grinding polishing and repairing,crystallization

6.Scarifier grinding with Bush hammer

7.Xingyi will be full in participants in flooring construction with Laser screed machine

Like the pictures below:


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