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Xingyi 2nd “Master Cup” Skills Competition
- Sep 22, 2018 -

Today's society is an era of competition, and no continuous improvement means being eliminated.The self-development of an enterprise must improve its own competitiveness. The strength of the team is the premise of competition, and good quality products is the guarantee of competition.Therefore, Xingyi held the 2nd“Master Cup” Skills Competition. Its main purpose is to create a learning, competition and hard work environment to help employees improve their enthusiasm, and to find out our shortcomings, improve ourselves.

This "Master Cup" includes: electric control box assembly competition, welding skills competition, concrete grinding skills competition, financial skills competition, computer office skills competition, sales skills competition.


Craftsmen like to constantly “sculpt” their products, constantly improve their crafts, and enjoy the process of sublimation of their products in their hands. Craftsmen have high requirements for details, the pursuit of perfection and ultimate, and persistent persistence and pursuit of quality products. This is the spirit of artisans, and pursuit of Xingyi. Every employee in this competition is perfect preparing and participating. The result of the competition is of course important, but Xingyi is more concerned with the improvement of the skills of each Xingyi people in the course of the competition.


Inflammatory sun, endless sweat, not only to get a shinningflat floor, but also to improve our professional grinding skills during the competition, to provide customers with more professional services.

Xingyi is a company involved in research,produce and sale floor polishing system products. In our company, not only our project team can do floor polishing,our sales department and production department are also professional in floor polishing. Xingyi is committed to all-round development. enterprise.

Quiet examination room, invisible competition, not only to get a good grade, but also to find out their own deficiencies and to improve their work efficiency.

Xingyi always say that we should pay attention to improve our service and skills. As a good company, it is naturally inseparable from the internal and external training. As a good company's employees,we must to have professional skills, long-term accumulation, continuous innovation.


Xingyi enterprise have domestic sales department and oversea sales department.They promote Xingyi products to the world and is committed to serving every floor person. Strengthen the cultivation of individuals while building the team and keep moving forward.

Do not forget the initial heart, growing up step by step, steady forward, use our focused attitude to keep our rhythm. Endeavour for a dustless, healthy, happy and relaxed working life for floorman,Xingyi will keep moving!

(The above picture was shoot at 2018.09.17-2018.09.18 Xingyi “Master Cup” Competition)

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