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​Your Factory's Chemical Is Very Good?
- Sep 01, 2018 -

Your factory's chemical is very good?


Do you want a shinning and beautiful floor?      ———Do floor polishing

How to polish?                        ———Use Xingyi polishing machine

Is only the polishing machine is enough?        ———With chemical.

Which type of the chemical? What is the function? How to use it? How much is the chemical? What’s the effect? no side-effects? .........

——— Don't worry, listen to me:


1. What is “concrete harden agent”?

   It is also known as “penetrative harden agent”, it is a new generation of lithium ion, a water-based products, which is made of inorganic substance, chemical substances, silicon and other things. It is a  latest one and environmental functional material used in concrete ground protection.

2.  What's the function of concrete harden agent?

   It is water condition material with no color, no smelly, no toxic, no ignitable, seepage power, which is easy to use and strong penetration, can seal a long time and free of VOC composition.

   The product undergoes a complex chemical reaction by effectively penetrating the free calcium oxide component of the concrete. Stretching a network structure in three-dimensional space after producing hard materials, making the structure inside the concrete more dense and firm. And the capillary holes are effectively sealed, which prevents the concrete dust from being separated from the surface voids. This results in a dust-free, dense, high-strength, highly wear-resistant, marble-like concrete floor.

   Improve the impermeable concrete, wear-resisting, freeze-thaw cycle, hardness and other various kinds of performance indicators greatly.

3. How to make concrete harden agent come into play?

  It is used in the concrete matrix, there will be chemical reaction between inorganic substance and calcium oxide. The main product of this reaction is a mixture of dicalcium silicate and tricalcium silicate which is combined with hydration (reacting with water), which in turn produces a compound called hydrated calcium silicate or tobermorite. This concrete harden and seal agent increase the strength of concrete by increasing the concentration of the tobermorite. Concrete harden agent can also improve the density of concrete.

4. What is improved effects on concrete floor after using concrete seal densifier?

a. hard wearing;

b. Effective sealing;

c. Resistance to chemical attack; 

d. Completely dust; 

e. Good aging resistance;

f. Permanent luster; 

g. Safety and environmental protection;

h. Strong infiltration.

5. How long is the useful life of concrete sealer floor ?

The useful life mainly depends on the standard construction, if so ,it can be used 20 years.


Wow, the floor can be used up to 20 years! Are you active to try it? Then call us.



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