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Concrete harden agent 50 questions
- Nov 28, 2018 -

1.What is “concrete harden agent”?

It is also known as “penetrative harden agent”, it is a new generation of lithium ion water-based products which is made of inorganic substance、Chemical substances, Silicon and things. It is the latest one and environmental protection of concrete ground used in functional materials.

2.What's the function of concrete harden agent?

It is water condition material with no color, easy to use, colorless, no smelly, no toxic, no ignitable,seepage power, concrete harden perpetually, no VOC composition.The product through the effective permeability and concrete free of cao composition produce of complex chemical reactions. In the three dimensional space travel a network structure, produce hard material, make the concrete structure is more system close, solid, wool stoma be effectively sealed, always avoid the concrete dust from the surface gap exhalation. And get a clean, density, high strength, high wear-resisting, and have marble sheen of concrete ground.Greatly improve the impermeable concrete, wear-resisting, freeze-thaw cycle, hardness and so on, various kinds of performance indicators, the longer you use, the better gloss it will have.

3.How to make concrete harden agent come into play?

It is used in the concrete matrix, it will have chemical reaction between inorganic substance and calcium oxide. the main product of this reaction are compound of calcium silicate and tricalcium silicate, this product react with water, then produce a product named Hydration calcium silicate or snow calcium silicon rubber compound stone. Concrete harden agent add the power of concrete through adding the density of snow calcium silicon rubber compound stone. It also can add the density of concrete.

4.What is the characteristic of your concrete Seal densifier?

It is adamantine、durable、dustproof、antiskid、resist compression、anti-permeability, fight decency, corrosion resistance, brightness, environmental protection etc. Characteristics.

5.Sealing the curing agent construction process?

Construction Technology: clean up the base surface - polished - sprayed concrete sealer (special base surface a second penetration) - to clean the base surface - preliminary polishing - full polished.

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