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How to adjust the grinding plate to the same height
- Nov 30, 2018 -

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adjust polishing machine disc.jpg
Key point:

Take a tape measure, stand vertical along the plate to the gearbox, to measure the height from the gearbox bottom to the plate side.

( Total need to measure 9 figure, as there are each 3 screws on one plate, and the height from gearbox bottom to the plate at the side of screws we need to measure )

adjust the polishing machine's disc.jpg

There may be different figures here at the 9 position:

Plate 1:  82mm  85mm  83mm

Plate 2:  83mm  85mm  86mm

Plate 3:  87mm  84mm  88mm

82mm 83mm 85mm 86mm 87mm 88mm

Central figure for all these figures are 85mm 

So what we need to do is to adjust the others less or more than 85mm to 85mm. ( the tolerance is +/- 1mm )

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