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How to distinguish the quality of cement floor hardener?
- Nov 21, 2018 -

1. Test the hardness The ground that has been sealed and cured is different from the ground that has not been done: it is marked with a key or a steel knife. Generally, the scratch is not damaged or the anti-scratch function is significantly improved. The curing agent is effective. On the contrary, if there is no significant progress, it is necessary to consider whether it is effective.

2, test sealing due to the sealing property determines whether the concrete inherits alkalization and weathering, dusting, anti-fouling, anti-seepage, easy to clean and so on. After the construction, direct dripping water on the surface test, the water becomes more round and full, indicating that the better the sealing, the less prone to beading, easy to disperse, not full, indicating poor sealing.

3. Test brightness and transparent crystal layer In the case of no lighting agent, the more crystals formed by chemical reaction, the tighter it is, the more average the reflected light is, the more the brightness will be viewed with the eyes. Good materials have many crystals formed, and a very thin transparent crystal layer can be seen after construction. The difference is little or no, so the brightness and transparent crystal layer are also one of the indicators for judging whether the material is good or bad.

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