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What happened to the ground of the polished concrete floor?
- Nov 21, 2018 -

Polished concrete, also known as colored tempered floor, many people think that this is a terrazzo when they first come into contact with the polished concrete floor. The terrazzo is a layer of uniform stone on the cement surface when the cement is initially set. Wash and polish. The polished concrete is polished and the concrete surface will expose the aggregate, forming a variety of different patterns, resulting in a different overall color effect.

Polished concrete can be applied to concrete puree floor, terrazzo floor, emery wear-resistant floor and cement self-leveling floor, which can replace stone and ceramic tile. And it is suitable for all kinds of shopping malls, underground parking lots, industrial workshops, schools, supermarkets, etc. It is also because of its complete environmental protection, widely promoted at home and abroad!

After hardening the concrete floor, the Mohs hardness can reach 7 or more, which is equivalent to granite. Using coins to scratch the ground, there is no trace of it, so that it can not be dusty for 30 years, and it can not afford sand. This is the preferred floor for underground parking lots and industrial workshops that require high ground wear resistance! Special maintenance is required in the later stage. The brighter the use, the easier it is to clean!

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