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A Innovation Of Grinding Machine----REMOTE CONTRAOL GRINDER--HIGH TECH GRINDING-680-4E
- Aug 08, 2018 -

A innovation of grinding machine----REMOTE CONTRAOL GRINDER--HIGH TECH GRINDING-680-4E

Xingyi Polishing Machine Co., Ltd. is devoted in producing floor grinding machines since 1999 founded by Mr. Ye, which has a 19 history in production, research and design by far. With the continuous development of the production and research team, Xingyi has won 123 patents about machines. Keeping innovativewe update our machines from purely manual-pushed grinding to self-driven grinding type.

The advent of the remote control machine finally realizes the working status of separation between human and machineduring workingwhich means the floor labor can control the grinding machine through the remote control equipment within a certain range, so that one labor can handle, achieving less labor cost while high efficiency.


The remote control grinding machine made a huge breakthrough from the portion to the whole, not only the driven system, which is developed from the driven type to the remote control type, but also the planetary gear rotating driven system. The counter-rotation of the planetary diagonal grinding disc can reduce the biasing force generated by the machine when grinding.

The three-stage extra weight can increase the grinding pressure, so that the contacting area between the machine and the ground is larger, and the grinding force of the machine is greater. Besides the principle of the lever is used when lifting the machine. It is easy to lift the machine and replace the grinding pads, which is beneficial to the control of the machine. When the inner grinding disc rotates, the large grinding disc rotates again, so the scratches are more uniform, and the ground surface is more flat.


There is a matching cooling system inside of the inverter box to achieve good cooling effect. The inverter storage position is well sealed, the machine parts are optimized and upgraded, and the overall performance of the machine is good. The floating dust cover is another innovation which completely cures the problem that dust cover that has to be removed and replaced many times due to the replacement of the grinding process.

In order to improve the work efficiency, its matching dust collecting equipment is also series of automatic dust-removal type. IVC-55A and IVC-33A are a kind of timed automatic dust-removal equipment, which adopts the chain loop function to collect the dust. The patented turbe cyclone design increases the air pressure. It also ensures 80-90% dust in the filter. In terms of sound processing, the noise is also reduced to 60-70dba. The lifting function solves the problem of transportation.


The constant innovation of the machineconfirms that Xingyi is keeping moving towards our mission: enable the global floor labor to work with health, relaxation and happiness.

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