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Where Did The Scratches Of Concrete Floor Come From?
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Where Did the Scratches of Concrete Floor Come From?

There are many matters to be paid attention to in the process of ground grinding machine construction. If you are not careful, you may cause irreparable ground damage. It is not only troublesome, but also time-consuming. The following are some bad habits that may occur in the ground grinding process of the ground grinding machine.

1. No site inspection and ground cleaning before construction

Construction site environment is complex, there is a lot of waste and dust on the ground, if workers did not check and clean the ground in advance, the scratch caused by these factors during grinding is difficult to remove. 



2. Use the abrasive disc of different manufacturers

The manufacturer designs the section, the granularity choice of the disc segment, has the very strong degree of freedom and the respective custom, sometimes the mark although is the same segment, but USES the different abrasive however. So between different manufacturer's grinding piece, can not necessarily match well to use, also appeared the scratch that is difficult to eliminate.

blob.png3.Use floor grinder from different manufacturers

Different types of machines from different manufacturers have different grinding forces, resulting in different grinding efficiency. If the ground grinding machine is not efficient when the next grinding, then the scratch left by the grinding of the abrasive disc may be difficult to eliminate.

blob.png4.No step by step grinding

Each grinding stage has a corresponding section of grinding chip, and each section is designed to press the scratch on the first section. If the mark jumps, problems will occur naturally and the scratch will be easily left. So remember not to save time and effort, will jump into the habit of grinding.


5.The ground and the grinder are not cleaned after each grinding

After each grinding, if you do not clean the mortar on the ground and the residues on the grinding machine, the emery particles will cause serious scratches when the next grinding.

blob.png6. After each grinding, the ground is not inspected in time, and the ground problems are found and solved immediately

In the grinding optimization stage, such as section 150# or section 200#, after grinding, workers should check the ground in time to see if there are scratches, and solve the problem in time according to the problem, otherwise the problem will become more and more serious.

blob.png7.Seven, grinding cross does not arrive, appear grinding dead Angle

A grinding area, should be uniform coverage to any point, if there is no strict, uniform grinding methods, grinding will appear cross does not reach the designated position, so the place that has not been grinding scratches will stay, the more to the more difficult it is to solve back, here suggest that can use full cover type of the word "well" grinding way.

blob.png8. In the grinding process, the walking speed of the grinder is fast and slow

In addition to the driving ground grinding machine, most ground grinding machines are driven by human effort. However, due to human uncertainty, the ground grinding machine's walking speed is not very uniform. If it is fast or slow, the ground will be uneven and uneven.

blob.png9. When crossing construction, randomly pile heavy objects such as machinery

In order to save time, workers sometimes need to pay extra attention when carrying out the construction across each other, and do not randomly pile up machinery or other heavy objects, which can easily cause deep scratches on the ground.


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