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Good Partner Of Floor Grinding
- Oct 10, 2018 -

As a charity ambassador for China's pneumoconiosis, Yuan Li turn pale at the mention of pneumoconiosis, and she said "You think that pneumoconiosis is far away from us. Actually it is not. It is closely related to each of us" when she active in various pneumoconiosis public welfare organizations and activities. Not only in the mines we can't see, the gold and silver jewellery, also jade on our bodies, the stone and tombstones used in urban construction can lead to pneumoconiosis, moreover the workers in the floor grinding industry. Its not alarmist because its pervasive and its around us and kills 6 million people all over China. Long-term exposure to work environments that lack the necessary protection, workers inhaling dust particles from the respiratory tract can cause irreversible occupational diseases in the lungs. The more tragic fact is that pneumoconiosis currently lacks effective treatments, and patients can only watch their vitality lose a little bit and can't do anything about it. In 2016, relevant data showed that pneumoconiosis accounted for more than 80% of occupational diseases and has become China's number one occupational disease. Most of these pneumoconiosis patients are engaged in digging wells, digging coal mines, welding tracks, pouring cement, floor grinding and other types of work, and are exposed to high concentrations of dust, but the awareness of occupational disease prevention is weak, resulting in no concept of pneumoconiosis. Engaged in floor grinding, no vacuum cleaner, is undoubtedly an untimed bomb on the construction site. So what is the characteristic of a vacuum cleaner that really can deal with this trouble?

Industrial vacuum cleaner is a dust collector specially used for supporting grinding machine. As a good partner of floor grinding machine, industrial dust collector is the icing on the cake. Its original intention is in line with the mission of our Fujian Xingyi Machinery Co., Ltd. Let the global floor people work healthily, easily and happily. So what is the indicator for picking a favorite vacuum cleaner?

First take out an industrial vacuum cleaner for demonstration:



1.The volume and weight

The volume is the first consideration because the industrial vacuum cleaner is no more than other machines, He has to be transported and carried along with the flow of the master's engineering site, Sometimes he even has to work at the high level, I would like to ask which boss is willing to get big headache of machine transportation problem when working on the construction site, so we have to take this into account when buying.

2.Dust collection efficiency

There is a standard for dust collection. The HEPA standard is set by the DOE US Energy Department. The filtration efficiency of 0.3 micron dust particles needs to be above 99.97%. For example, the vacuum cleaner is the most famous filter on the market----Hepa 13 in Japan, the dust collection rate can be as high as 99.97%. At the same time, for the secondary lifting effect, this industrial vacuum cleaner combines the traditional cyclone separator and the Hepa 13 filter method, the cyclone separator is responsible for filtering most of the dust particles, and a small part of the light weight dust is filtered by the Hepa 13 filter, so the filtration efficiency is high, and make the amount of dust contained is greatly reduced in the air. On the one hand, this greatly reduces the size of the equipment,easy to transport, and on the other hand, Maximized improvement of the dust collecting effect.

3.The control panel

In order to understand the internal workings of the vacuum cleaner more clearly, and to eliminate the abnormal work of the machine in time, the perfect display is also very important.

a:Time adjustment switch, according to different vacuum absorption in different project, we can adjust the cleaning time interval to meet the actual situation of the individual

b:A pressure sensor that detects if the internal hose is clogged with dust.


4.Security design

Personal safety is always the first in construction site, the machine brake effect is obvious, the wheel design is best to be a universal wheel, and can achieve the brake function.



In other words, if we buy a vacuum cleaner that can be connected to more grinders, then the joints must be standardized joints to accommodate the connection of different diameter grinders.


6.Dust collection is convenient

In the face of a large amount of dust, the manual replacement of the dust bag is undoubtedly an unnecessary obstacle to the progress of the project. If you can choose a vacuum cleaner with the longpac, you only need to pull it down from the dust bag, tied with a cable tie, it can achieve dust collection easily.


7.Machine self-protection

Its overload protection in terms of professional vocabulary. Many sites use unstable electricity. Once the current is too large, the machine can self-protect itself by power-off, which can reduce the user's mechanical maintenance costs.

Since it is a good partner, this industrial vacuum cleaner has many merits. Who knows who using, please contact us if you wanna know more about this machine:

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