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Grinding Tips
- Dec 05, 2018 -
Three problems to be solved by grinding:

1. Overall degree (the height difference within 2m does not exceed 2mm)

2. Flatness

3. Glossiness

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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong

Three stages of grinding:

1. Grinding and leveling stage Note:

A. A large amount of water is required during the grinding process of the machine (to avoid the temperature is too high)

B, excretion (avoid throwing on the mud)

C, pumping (the grinding machine can be ground in a clean place)

2. Grinding optimization stage:

The purpose of optimization is based on high light output

Gloss after grinding 50#, 150#, 300#, must be no less than 25 degrees, (this is no less than three times in each number of cross grinding)

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Brazil grinding machine.jpg



A. Check if there is a problem with the gap.

B. Check the amount of water on the ground. Before 300#, you need a lot of water. 300# should be moderate.

C, the ground must be kept clean

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Thailand grinding machine.jpg


Polishing method tips:

A, the grinding sheet needs to have good polishing performance, can not jump number

B. It is best to use a high speed polishing machine. Do not exceed 3600 rpm and the minimum is 600 rpm.

C, not too much water

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Outer Mongolia

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Outer Mongolia

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