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How To Do Stone Polishing
- Dec 05, 2018 -

1.Survey site

It is in order to know the site construction conditions,(if it is enough concrete health period of paving stone,check the stone leveling,hollowing,crack,edges and corners missed, disease or not,etc).Estimate the project progress, and calculate the project cost,Assess the quality of the project, and communicate with Party A to understand Party A's funds and credibility condition,describe our views on the parts to be constructed,we will prepare for formulate construction technology program in adopted process,supplied service,our requirements and the necessary cooperation in construction.

Ours competitors are afraid of communicate with Party A at some times,they are afraid of they will put forward high demands to us and let us feel embarrassed when they learn all the process.But I think that is important to teach the Party A, let them familiar with our work, understand our technology, so he can not only correct review the quality of our project, but also understand our construction prices, I advocate to guide customers rather than blindly follow client.

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2.Formulate construction technology program

According to our site survey,the requirements of Party A and our understanding of the construction requirements, then formulate construction technology program depends on the construction process.

Construction technology program should include: site analysis, solutions, treatment methods, construction processes, Dirty water discharge, the main points of analysis, cooperation matters, commitment to quality, project cycle, fees standard, maintenance manuals.

3.Approach preparation

Select the appropriate pads according to the stone type; Select the protective agent according to the stone properties; Select the cutting blade according to the stone side seam width,size depends on the width; Select the stone glue according to the stone color;Select the grinding machine according to the stone hardness and workload; Finally, measuring artificial consumables and determining the construction staff according to area. It can ensure the construction operation smoothly if early preparatory work is sufficient.

In front of three strict sense of things that can not be considered construction process, it is the pre-construction preparation. Is part of the work process, where I want competitors pay attention, because some competitors rarely spend the effort to do this work. It will certainly have an impact on the next step of construction if these preparations are not in place, ranging from rework waste, while the result is the dissatisfaction of Party A, can not be perfect delivery.

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4.Product protection

According to the site construction environment, in order to protect the surrounding items from pollution, moving removable items, covered with surrounding foot line with the finished film, covered office area equipment with a clean linen.

Requirements: Ensure to protect the items and stone surrounding side from dust and mud pollution during the sewing and grinding process.

5.Dry grinding protection

Dry grinding processing to stone, the purpose of this process is to remove the pollution of stone surface, open pores, so that the next process will have a better penetration of protective agent,it need pay attention to dry grinding, let the ground loss of glossy (but not grinding flat), not only let protective agents play a better protective effect, but also the basic processes of the overall grinding process.

Cleaning and drying the surface after ending dry grinding,then brushing the appropriate protective agent, adequate, uniform, you can grind with water after enough health time of protective agent.

Brush protective agents: It should select organic silicon components,organic fluorine components or composite nano components of the protective agent, shall not choose methyl silicate composition of the protective agent.

6.Cutting and repair joint

Cutting joint: Choose the dustless stone cutting machine to do this processing, requiring the thickness of cutting blade within 1.2mm, the maximum cut out gap can not over 2mm, according to seams selected cutting blade.

Repair joint: Repairing materials use marble glue, using flat mouth tools to do pulling,scraping and vacuuming treatment of residual stone glue, cement and collapse mouth on the joint when repairing joint. Repairing depth reach 3mm or more, it should be higher than the stone plate surface after marble glue solidity when do repairing joint construction, visual away from the 2-3m,it can’t leave significant traces of filling on the place of repairing joint, the color of marble glue and stone is similar,the addition amount of hardener shall not more than 3%, it will change the color of marble glue if over 3%.

7.Stone overall grinding

a、Joint: 30#-50# rough grinding to eliminate the stone floor joint and scratches. This process is the soul of the overall stone renovation project, standard or not and standardized construction determines the success of the entire project.

b、Repairing: repair the surface of holes and cracks, repair with marble glue after cleaning up the hole.

c、Rough grinding: 150# rough grinding to eliminate the previous process scratches.

d、Fine grinding: 300# -500# fine grinding to eliminate the previous process scratches, glossing, hardening and make color back as well.

e、Fine grinding: 1000# -3000# fine grinding to make the stone not only out of glossy and bright, but also lay a good foundation for the next step of the stone crystal treatment.

The stone grinding work has been basically over at this point, I think there are two very important point in front of these processes, but also a lot of competitors ignored, I would like to discuss its importance.

8.The necessary of protection to grinding

As it is water grinding for stone renew, stone is easy lesions with water if without chemical protection, such as water spots, pan-base, macular, so it is very important to do chemical protection for stone.

Some competitors choose unsuitable protective agent or usage, timing errors, leading to the occurrence of lesions, and some competitors reduce cost considerations in market competition, holding the "gambling a time" mentality, do not use protective agent,and then leading to the occurrence of lesions.

Prevention the phenomenon of stone lesions when grinding, it is necessary to prevent the water immersion in the stone when grinding, it is necessary to do as follows:

a、Select the right stone protective agent.

b、Brushing the appropriate amount of protective agent.

c、Brushing protective agent at the right time.

d、Sucking the water in time when grinding.

e、Repair the marble glue in time if found it is off in the process of grinding to prevent water flow into the gap.

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