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Shinningflat Floor Polishing System Expert=4W+1H-------Xingyi Seminar Will Unveil The Mysterious Veil Of W And H
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Shinningflat floor polishing system expert=4W+1H-------Xingyi seminar will unveil the mysterious veil of W and H


Are you looking for one high-efficient grinding machine? Are you looking for one floor grinding and polsihing system? Are you looking for one-stop shop enterprise? Xingyi Global Advocator of self-propelled grinding machine will held the 15th seminar in Thailand, warmingly welcome to join us


In this seminar, we will explain our shinningflat floor polishing system from five dimensions.


First w  ----what ----What is the International shinningflat floor polishing system

Second w----- which --- What kind of grinding equipment is used for the floor?

Third W -----where ----Where can we buy the grinding machines and one-stop service?

Fourth W----why -----Why choose Xingyi Polishing Machine Co.,ltd

H ----HOW ---How to use and maintain the grinding machine?


Sincerely invite you to visit the exhibition:


Time: 6 th 8 th September 2018

Address: IMPACT Exhibition &Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Our booth No.P08



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