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How about Our team in Sri Lanka Construct Exhibition 2018 -Floor Grinding polishing machine
- Aug 24, 2018 -

How about Our team in Sri Lanka Construct Exhibition 2018 -Floor Grinding polishing machine

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Q: How to solve all concrete floor troubles and have shinningflat floor?

A: Come to our booth you will be get more solutions !

XINGYI Invite you see you in 

Address:  Hall E of Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall
Booth numberHall EE12              

Hope We can give you the best as we chat face to face.
Anything call Jane Ling 0086-15960788816 (wechat/whatsapp)


1. Are you still  looking for a real manufacturer?

2. Are you still  looking for a good reputation and high quality manufacturer?

3. Are you still worried project can not do well?

4. Are you still worried about high construction costs?

If Yes, please enquiry us right now if you want  save time.



If you missed the Construct fair time, Don't worry,After Construct fair, Just join us Shiningfalt polishing concrete Seminar, The detail as Follows:

Demo Add:35B Jaya Road,Udahamulla Nugegoda,Colombo,Sri Lanka.

Time:Monday 27th Aug 09:00-18:00

Contact:Janet Lin 76-1668873

Hope see you soon~   

Welcome to our factory at any time. 

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