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Xingyi's ShinningFlat Floor Flooring System Technology Exchange Conference
- May 22, 2018 -

Refurbishment of the old concrete floor into a SINO Curing floor - Xingyi's "ShinningFlat Floor Flooring System Technology Exchange Conference" entered Zhengzhou, Henan Province in 2018.


The floor industry has entered the era of green environmental protection. In order to give us a clean and healthy working environment, more exchanges between colleagues on the same floor, and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the curing process, While Xingyi launched a series of Technical Trainings--ShinningFlat Floor System Technical Conference throughout many cities in China. After the three provinces of Guizhou, Hunan, and Liaoning, Xingyi’s "ShinningFlat Floor System Technology Exchange Conference" entered Henan Zhengzhou on May 19th.


The "ShinningFlat Floor System Technology Exchange Conference" organized by Xingyi, Successfully Being held with the help of Mr.Zhu Zhongyan, Chairman of Huayan Flooring Engineering Co., Ltd. The meeting mainly focused on the curing process, focus on how to make "old concrete  floor Ping refurbishment into a SINO Curing floor ".


Ms. Ye Lihua, Manager of Domestic Sales of Xingyi Enterprise, explained the theoretical knowledge of “ShinningFlat Floor Polishing System”


Ms. Ye Lihua, Manager of Domestic Sales of Xingyi Enterprise, explained the theoretical knowledge of “ShinningFlat Floor Polishing System”

Xingyi Enterprise has always advocated a”clean and healthy work environment”, from the R&D and innovation of floor machinery to the continuous improvement of floor technology,Creating an complete “ShinningFlat Floor Polishing System” and conduct it on a global scale. Promote to allow more floor people to understand the importance of “dustless health’.


ShinningFlat Floor Polishing trainees focus on learning.


In the new era when environmental protection has become the main theme, the curing process has been widely demanded. In addition to the new ground curing, the transformation of concrete, terrazzo, and emery ground, especially old epoxy, has become a trend. There is a large area of old epoxy floor that is waiting to be dealt with throughout the country, which makes the cured floor have a huge market in the renovation of the old epoxy floor.


The proofing sample is an old epoxy floor that has been used for many years: there is a large area of ground surface that is flaking off, sanding and dusting; the ground is heavily worn and the stains are difficult to clean; there are many ground problems such as cracks and holes. This results in: unfavorable work to the workers, resulting in low production efficiency; poor cleaning of the ground, long time spent; poor corporate image, low customer trust, low probability of cooperation; epoxy floor needs frequent renovation and repair, and high cleaning and maintenance costs .


The old epoxy floor is treated with the solidification construction process of the ShinningFlat Floor System。



Harden the surface with densifier HTG-EC-L01


The concrete-cured floor that has been refurbished and reformed: beautiful and clean; the hardness, density, and brightness have been significantly improved; the ground cannot afford sand without dust; the penetration of water, oil, and acid-base can be delayed, and the cleaning is easier; after a few years, such as glossiness Drop, just need to polish again to restore, greatly reduce maintenance costs; wear durable, up to 30 years.



Bright mirrored floor


Before and after curing contrasted.the face hole is perfectly repaired.


Seeing such a beautiful ground, all the ShinningFlat Floor trainees are well-earned and our hard work is worthwhile. Although we are hard at work on the road to “working for a clean and healthy working environment,” we very happy! At the same time, we are also especially grateful to Master Hua Yanqin for the full cooperation of our work!


In the process of renovation and renovation of the old epoxy floor, besides the advanced floor process support, advanced floor materials are also a major attraction: the use of concrete-penetrating liquid hardener FS-801 (Platinum No. 1 ) It penetrates and hardens the ground. non-toxic, odorless, and non-flammable. It meets VOC environmental protection requirements. It can significantly increase the strength and hardness of concrete through chemical reactions, and greatly increase the chemical resistance of concrete, achieving sealing and The role of dust.


Although the use of epoxy floor is very extensive, it can be seen in factory workshops, warehouses, underground parking lots, etc., but this just illustrates the ambitious prospects of the curing market, as people are clean and healthy. The emphasis on the work environment is that the renovation and transformation of the old epoxy into a solidified floor will inevitably become a trend. The Xingyi Company has always regarded the mission of Making Global Floor People Healthy, Relaxed, and Happy to Workas their own mission. It is committed to researching and developing innovative and more advanced floor grinding machines and promoting more advanced flooring technologies. We are willing to join hands with our colleagues to create a more intelligent and environmentally friendly floor future!


Finally, thank you very much for Mr. Zhu Zhongyan, Chairman of Huayan Floor Engineering Co., Ltd.

And everyone in Henan Floor support!

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