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Xingyi ShinningFlat Floor System Technology Exchange Conference
- May 27, 2018 -

Hard ground can also be easily polishing into a mirror - Xingyi "ShinningFlat floor system technology exchange conference" into Shaanxi Xi'an in 2018.


Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, as an important central city in western China, is also the core area of the Belt and Road Initiative in the country. It is here to promote a dust-free and healthy working environment, which is more conducive to advancing the influence of solidification technology in the middle western China market.

In order to promote the exchange of our Xi'an Clients and obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the polishing process on May 23, 2018, in Shaanxi Province. ShinningFlat Floor System” were organized by Xingyi Enterprise” and co-organized by Xi'an Hard Color Solid Floor Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.. Floor System Technology Exchange Conference" into Xi'an, Shaanxi Province!


The content of the Xi'an Exchange Conference is mainly talking about how to Hardworking for clean and healthy work environment. The theoretical part is Introduction of the ShinningFlat Floor Floor System” and The importance of dustless grinding; the practical part is: "Concrete ground renovation".

Exchange meeting site

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Ms. He Yu, Director of Domestic Sales of Xingyi Enterprise, is the training instructor.

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The construction of the floor is arduous and heavy, and floor dust is one of the causes of respiratory diseases. Therefore, how to make labor not fatal has become one of the important issues that Xingyi Enterprises has been continuously thinking about. It is based on this concept that Xingyi has implemented the mission of Making global floor people healthy, relaxed, and happy to work” as a corporate mission, promoting the Platinum Crystal Flooring System” globally, and letting more people know that The importance of "dust-free health".640.webp (3).jpg

Concrete floor, which is often referred to as cement floor, is more vulnerable to damage than corundum and terrazzo, aging and weathering with the use of time, or friction or impact on external forces, or chemical or oily. Dusting and sanding appear under erosion. Moreover, untreated ordinary concrete floors have not met the requirements of modern industrial environments, so the curing of concrete floors has become a popular trend and has become very popular.


[Professional operation proofing - concrete ground transformation]


Before the transformation of concrete ground: the ground is relatively hard, the measured hardness value is more than 5 degrees; the measured strength value of concrete is 28mpa; the ground flatness is not good, the height difference is large, uneven; ground weathering leads to ash, the ground is not Gloss, measured brightness value of 1.2; face many holes, and the appearance of cracks.

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Before curing - hardness is 5~6 

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After Hardening - strength is 28mpa 

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Before Hardening- luminosity is 1.2 

Curing construction needs to solve the problem: improve the flatness and gloss of the ground; repair the holes and cracks in the face.


The ground is treated with the solidification construction process flow of the ShinningFlat Polishing System


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Ground Repair - Machine Grinding Repair 

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Permeation with Concrete liquid hardener HTG-EC-N01.After the concrete floor is transformed: After the hardened concrete hardener and the ground floor grinder are mechanically polished, a concrete-cured surface with a dense surface and a clear texture that cannot afford sand cannot be obtained. The concrete cured ground is beautiful and clean, and the ground cracks and holes are perfectly repaired. Moreover, the ground has a good level of smoothness, and the glossiness is obviously improved. There are more than 80 degrees, and the ground looks bright like a mirror.


After curing - the luminosity is 82.2 

How was the ash concrete floor into a beautiful surface that is both smooth and bright as a mirror, While advanced curing process support, the choice of floor materials is also particularly important: we choose the concrete liquid hardener HTG-EC-N01. It penetrates hardens floors. Without non-toxic, odorless, and non-flammable. It meets VOC environmental protection requirements. It can significantly increase the strength and hardness of concrete through chemical reactions, and greatly increase the chemical resistance of concrete, achieving sealing and The role of dust.

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At the same time, the needs for dust-free health” for floor users is also increasingly. The continuous improvement of the flooring machinery, Xingyi Enterprises never stoppred.Promoting a clean and healthy working environment. Xingyi has launched a series of exchanges on "ShinningFlat Floor System " all over the world. We hope that more people will be able to know more about the floor curing process, so that we can work together to create a More "dust-free" floor future.

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                                            Hand in hand to create a beautiful future


Thanks Mr. Wang Le, Chairman of Xi'an Hard Color Gudi Ping Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. for their support

And the warm welcome of Shaanxi floor counterparts!

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