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Xingyi Machinery's grinding machine advantage
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Overall advantage:

1.Versatile function from floor preparation to fine polishing.

2.Gear-driven system for all machines with variable speed control ability

3.All three heads machines run with planetary direction which provide sharp grinding force.

4.All four heads machine run with counter rotary direction which provide smoothness and stable。

5.The hand grip is easy transport and adjustable to your perfect working position.

6.Stainless steel digital control board allow you to see clear technical parameter anytime

7.Forward and reverse running choice,easy and fast to be controlled.

8.Multi functional grinding plate can attach Redi-lock,Bolt-on and other kinds of pads.

Advantages of the HTG series:

1.Planetary counter rotation reduces the grinding machine’s deviating force then it helps to lower grinding strength and easy to grip machine.

2.Four heads counter grinding balanced the grinding pressure and made the floor grinding flatness higher when comparing with similar machines.

3.Four heads counter grinding with 20HP strong driving force, which makes its working efficiency 30% higher than other big machine.

4.Four heads grinder exerts stronger power to grinding head and operates more smooth and steady on wavy surface when comparing with three heads grinder. Four heads machine grinding more evenly and more easily to leveling the ground, which enable the machine more stable and easy to control.

5.High sealing mechanism, the spring damping system and all-galvanized steel components can extend significantly the lifespan of machinery.

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