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Ground stone treatment
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Selected products:

a、water-based protective agent: 87% is water, but the water absorption of stone is different, so it is best to choose the targeted protective agent according to the water absorption rate of different stone. It is best to use water-based protective agent to use the raw liquid to protect against the water absorption ratio of the stone.

b、oil protective agent

c、sealing protective agent (sealed hole)

Good protective agent inspection: 




d、no retention on the surface 

e、good protection effect

How to brush water-based protective agent:

a、straight down, scrape with a scraper

b、directly add water to polish, but must control the amount of water released

Pay attention to the stone is clean enough, dry, and there is enough protection time, the best period of health is more than eight hours

How to brush oil protective agent:

a、directly on the dust push, drag directly

b、Use a sprayer to spray while pushing

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