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5•4 Youth Day, “Xingyi” Is Not Same
- May 09, 2018 -

5•4 Youth Day, “Xingyi” is not Same


The annual May Fourth Youth Day has always been the characteristic tradition for Xingyi people. Every year from May 4th-5th, you can see the scenes of Xingyi people fighting on Wuliqiao Park in Anhai Town. With the nice pretty good images, Xingyi people give us a deeply impression.


On May 4th, in 2018, the next May Day Games Coming, not only to commemorate the May 4th Movement, Promoting the May 4th spirit, but also t demonstrated the spirit of the Xingyi people,strengthen the spiritual civilization and Construction of Enterprise Culture.

Each team marched on a uniform pace, and the bright slogans declared their unyielding confidence and strength on the opening ceremony.

Take the strongest momentum, and do not lose.

640.webp (3).jpg

Speech by Mr. Ye Genyi, Chairman of Xingyi Company.


The games are varied in many style, ranging from classic tug-of-war, races, table tennis, and various new games such as dryland and slowest bikes. Do not be afraid of not thinking, afraid you can not do!


Gathering sand into towers

The power of the team can not be underestimated.


Tug of war can be called a "heavyweight" game, but you can't just rely on a brute force, but also make good use of Qiao Jin, in order to stabilize as a mountain, pull the mountains and rivers.

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Each opponents is a heanier person? Don't be afraid, look at us.

640.webp (5).jpg

If brothers are of the same mind,their sharpness can cut through metal.

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"jump", one after the other

There is no perfect individual in this world, only a perfect team, 1+1 gets far more than 2. However, team's growth cannot be separated from the individual. There are no two identical leaves in the world. The only one you and I trust each other is to be tolerant of each other in order to create a team that has always been invincible.

We are different, unique.

All fighting skill only fast break,The 1,000-meter race is about speed, strength and willpower. It takes a breath to fight. On the contrary, the “least slow bike” of the trendy project emphasizes the sense of balance, skill and mentality of the body and needs to win in a stable manner.

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The fastest PK  the slowest.

640.webp (9).jpg

Fancy rope skipping

640.webp (10).jpg

   Give me a ball and I can turn the whole world.

I am a youth and I am proud of myself!

The Xingyi Youth May Day Youth is a stadium where Xingyi people burn their youth. They use actions to prove to us that age is not porblem , but feeling; youth is not a state but a state of mind.


Using our life to feeling , to living, to have an expectation for the future forever,  trying and fighting for every chance, this is Xingyi people's "young heart."

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