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History Of Biography (一) Founder Of Xingyi —————— Ye Genyi
- Sep 08, 2018 -

History of Biography () Founder of Xingyi —————— Ye Genyi


The journey of entrepreneurship is destined to be a rough and long road. Mr. Ye Genyi started from the bottom, found business opportunities, and opened up a bold road to entrepreneurship. From a hotel management to a machinery manufacturer, he has spent an extraordinary day with the company in the past 19 years.


Fujian Xingyi Polishing Machine Co., Ltd. is a company that integrates R&D, production and sales of floor grinder products. The sales market covers both domestic and foreign markets. For foreign markets, we have established 38 offices in different countries and our products have exported to the United State, Australia, Russia, Germany, France, Poland, Turkey and many other countries.


Nowadays, our business is better and better. However, when Ye Genyi first came to Jinjiang, he did not expect such a result. In 1999, Ye Genyi, a native of Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, has been engaged in hotel service for more than ten years in Hangzhou. At the invitation of his friends, he came to the Huada Hotel in Anhai, Jinjiang for hotel management. The maintenance of the hotel ground was one of Ye Genyi's work at that time. He always needed to go to the neighboring city to buy nursing materials. After a while, Ye Genyi found a business opportunity.

It turns out that our entire floor would be powdered and sanded. Of course, the powder and sand are caused by the loose surface, like some high-end villas, as well as stone factory buildings. It used to be waxing, which was added with a layer of material on the surface, It might take another two or three months to re-attempt it. Floor grinding is a combination of mechanical grinding, chemical processing and abrasive polishing to create a high-hard, high-density, high-brightness and wear-resistant floor. After surface treatment, it can be polished in one or two years, then it will be more beautiful, harder and use longer. By producing mechanical materials, a layer of low-strength, dust-prone, non-wear-resistant cement slurry on the concrete surface is removed, and the concrete floor is treated with a good Tektronix high-efficiency grinding equipment and a diamond cutter with a finer mesh size. Uniform, high-quality, functional and aesthetically pleasing concrete surfaces can even be dust-free and will no longer have the level of powdering and sanding.

So, in 2000, the second year of Mr.Yes arrival in Jinjiang, he decided to resign from the hotel management work and start his own business. He imported the floor grinder from abroad and started the floor grinding process with his accumulated experience in stone floor caring. By using the floor grinder to grind and polish concrete and marble stone to increase the aesthetics and service life of the floor, we create the HIGH TECH GRINDING Shinningflat floor polishing system series. It is precisely because of these increasingly international flooring technology and good seller service that makes domestic and foreign customers trust Xingyi Machinery more.


At the beginning, due to the lack of awareness of stone caring in Quanzhou, the floor grinding was not accepted by too many customers. Later under his unremitting efforts, more and more customers learned the importance of beautifying the floor, and the market gradually increased. In 2009, Ye Genyi, who has been doing stone caring business for nine years, found that the floor grinder imported from abroad was not only expensive but also inconvenient for machine maintenance. At that time, the domestic similar machines were relatively backward,so he got the idea of independently developing floor grinding equipment by oursleves.

After repeated screening material,, continuous improvement and adjustment of machines and components, Ye Genyi and the team developed the first floor grinding equipment. Although there are still some gaps with imported equipment, they can basically achieve the same performance. And later Mr.Ye have also made constant innovation.

With the continuous innovation and diversification of the grinding machine, the type of floor care of Xingyi Machinery has gradually increased: shinningflat floor polishing, concrete dyeing, dusting and sanding floor grinding, and emery wear-resistant floor grinding, marble and granite polishing, epoxy tankstone paving and other types of floor grinding processes have been applied to various airports, shopping malls, parks, exhibition halls, villas and other high-end places. Xingyi has grown into a systematic company which combines grinders, chemicals and abrasives.At the same time, it holds foreign seminars in March every year, and conducts in-depth communication and learning from the employees who works in the flooring industry, to provide engineering and technical services to global buyers from all over the world, and provide systematic floor solutions for them. In order to be able to make progress together with the times and update technology, Xingyi Machinery has established strategic partnerships with universities such as Xiamen University and Fujian University to inject new blood into the enterprise.

Of course, the equipment independently developed by Xingyi Machinery has begun to get closer and closer to the level of imported machines, and the better cost performance than imported machines has also made Xingyi Machinery's floor grinding machine more and more popular among customers. In the past ten years, Ye Genyi has been constantly upgrading its products. Today, the floor grinding machine produced by Fujian Xingyi Machinery Co., Ltd. has been walking on the intelligent road from manual operation to self-propelled and then to remote control.


Today, Ye Genyi's floor grinding equipment and quality services have expanded from Quanzhou to foreign countries. Ye Genyi also turned from a hotel manager who had just arrived in Jinjiang to become the owner of a comprehensive company. It seems that there is more hard work waiting for Ye Genyi and his company members in the land of Jinjiang, Fujian. 





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