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How To Build High Tech Grinding Shiningflat?
- Sep 14, 2018 -

How to build High Tech Grinding Shiningflat?

The following may occur on your ground before being disposed of Shiningflat Floor System:

1. Matte surface

2. Sanding weathering

3. Partial damage

4. Sanding is difficult to clean

After being disposed of Shiningflat Floor System, the ground will be as shown below:


So what is the High Tech Grinding Shiningflat?

It is a unique floor system that combines equipment grinding, chemical reaction and abrasive polishing to create a high-hard, high-density, high-gloss and wear-resistant floor.

What is the main principle of High Tech Grinding Shiningflat?

By removing the soft, dusting and low wear-resistance grout on the concrete surface to expose higher density concrete base. Grinding and polishing the ground with HTG's high-efficiency grinding equipment and increasingly grit diamond tools results in a completely uniform, high-quality concrete surface that is both functional and aesthetic.


So the question is, what is the process of High Tech Grinding Shiningflat?

1. Checking surface conditions

Including hardness (Mohs Pencil), strength (Rebound Hammer), flatness (Feeler Gauge&Guiding Ruler), brightness (Gloss Meter)

2. Grinding with metal pads HTG-2Y 30#,60#

First, rough grinding the ground and removing the concrete surface with low strength.

3. Cleaning the surface

Cleaning the floor is a very important part, ensuring that the small aggregates that pop out during grind will not damage other areas of the surface and also protect the machine and the diamond tools.

4. Repairing the surface with HTG-EC-1008 and grinding with metal pads 120#

Large holes and crack (bigger than 5mm) need manual repair, small holes (less than 5mm) can choose machine compensation, improve grinding efficiency. The effect of repairing is important. After repair the holes, the misty water can be used to maintain the ground for 3-5 times, and protecting it for 2-4 hours.

5. Honing with resin pads HTG-310A 50#,100#

As the grit of resin pad increases, the light-emitting effect of the ground becomes more clearly visible.

6. Hardening with Composite densifier HTG-EC-C01

The lithium-based molecular structure is small and the penetrating power is strong. The underground aggregate and cement are firmly grasped to improve the compactness of the floor.

7. Polishing with resin pads HTG-310A 200#, and HTG-XZ 400#, 800#

Pad firmly resist the hopping, and different grit contain different emery.

8. Protective chemical with Sealer HTG-EC-S01

9. High-speed polisher HTG 700HP combined with high-speed polishing pad HTG-DIP-HD027 1500#, and polishing with high speed to enhances brightness on surface.


                           (Photographed at 2018.09.11 Thailand Seminar)

Nowadays, due to its high stability and high practicality, the High Tech Grinding Shiningflat Floor System has been widely used in high-end places such as parking lots, squares, airports and parks, exhibition halls, etc. 

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