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About The Grinder You Have Seen
- Sep 06, 2018 -

About the grinder you have seen

Located in the global village, the ground is the ground, and the land I love shows different faces. But even if it is a concrete, we like their sparkling appearance. It is not as good as people wish. We often see such a ground:

The concrete floor that I have seen before, it is difficult to clean and damage the sanding weathering, as shown in the figure:


Or it is such a concrete floor, the surface is dull, the cracks are constant, and it is not beautiful, as shown in the figure:


People think of a variety of methods, such as covering with a layer of chemical material to achieve the appearance of the surface, as shown:


Or, in this way, use the medicine to clean, as shown in the figure:


However, in the near future, it is still very easy to be dull, as shown in the figure:


But do you know that you can also use a floor grinder combined with chemicals and abrasive polishing to remove the lower strength concrete body by removing a layer of low-strength, dust-prone, non-wear-resistant cement slurry on the concrete surface. To create a high-hard, high-density, high-gloss and wear-resistant floor.


That's right, this is the famous grinding machine(shinningflat floor polishing system).


So what exactly is a grinder? What is the difference between our grinding machine and the market grinding? How to choose a grinder suitable for you?

1. The most important components of the grinder: grinding disc, fuselage, water tank, support arm, motor, inverter, display

2. Parameters: transmission system, working width, walking speed, grinding wheel rotation speed, component brand, service life, work efficiency, ease of use

Disassemble an HTG-800-4E below:



1. Large voltage LED, convenient for workers to work at night;

2. Front support wheel, increase grinding pressure and facilitate transportation;

3. Unique and patented planetary four-head drive system:

(1) Planetary rotation can reduce the deflection force generated when the machine is ground, which helps to reduce the grinding force and facilitate the holding of the machine.

(2) Four-headed counter-grinding, balanced distribution of the grinding head pressure, so that the floor grinding effect has higher flatness for similar products.

(3) Four-head rotary grinding, 20HP strong driving force, making this model work 30% higher than XY-688

(4) The four-head grinder can apply more power to the grinding head than the three-head machine, and it operates more smoothly on the wavy surface than the three-head machine. The grinding is more uniform and the ground leveling effect can be achieved. There will be no jumping and not controlling the condition of the machine.

4. Adjustable walking speed, up to 30 meters per minute, grinding disc rotation speed, grinding disc grinding direction, forward and backward;

5. Europe imported drive motor, inverter, motor, gear warranty for three years;

6. German ohm remote control device, workers work easily and efficiently;

7. Add water sprinkler to achieve dry and wet grinding methods.

8. Floating dust cover:

The unique and patented floating dust cover breaks the design of traditional abrasive dust covers. The floating dust cover design realizes the dust cover with the abrasive consumption and the ground undulation. Automatically adjust the height of the dust cover. When the machine is changing abrasives, the dust cover does not fall off the body. It solves the problem that the traditional grinding needs to reinstall the dust cover every time the abrasive is changed. From the details, the work efficiency has been improved again.

9. Unique and patented axle height adjustment device, combined with the lychee head conversion block, created the first grinding machine in China that can be installed with lychee head.

10. The new sense of electronic control design, strict implementation of relevant standards. Good heat dissipation and high dust resistance delay the life of the machine.

21. The machine can cooperate with the water tank and the suction port to achieve dry grinding and wet grinding.


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